Carlos & Mirella Santos David


Carlos & Mirella are partners on the dance floor as well as in life for over 10 years. They strive for perfection in their dance and they are constantly pushing themselves beyond their limits. Their motto is: "As a dancer, you never stop learning!''

Because to be a true professional is to be committed to lifelong education. The couple is known and loved for their elegance, subtlety, and musical finesse as well as their spectacular and breathtaking shows. Carlos & Mirella enthuses tango lovers around the world with their natural, humorous, and well-structured way of teaching.

With the technical background of Mirella, who has graduated from Dance Academia, and Carlos's years of experience abroad, they form a dance couple that complements each other in all areas.

Every year Carlos & Mirella fly to Buenos Aires, to study together, but also to represent the Netherlands on the World Championships. For 4 consecutive years: 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019, Carlos & Mirella have the honor to represent the Netherlands in the finals! They also won the titles in Europe:

* First Place: UK London Tango Championship 'Tango Stage' 2018
* First Place: Official European Tango Championship 'Tango de Pista' 2017
* First Place: UK London Tango Championship 'Tango de Pista' 2017
* First Place: German Tango Championship 'Tango de Pista' 2016

They performed with Andrea Bocelli at the Antwep Stadium in 2018 and were invited to perform with Andrea Bocelli for the second time in 2020 for shows in Paris & Antwerp. They were also invited several times to judge for Tango competitions such as in Italy, Germany, and Russia.

Stamatis Katharopoulos


Stamatis has been dancing tango since 2004.In 2006 he began teaching and organizing his first milongas where he started to make his first steps as a Tango DJ.

As a dancer and as a teacher he always emphasized musicality, which helped him to become a Tango DJ, forming a very personal style in his musical choices.

Sensitive to the pulsations of the Dance floor and fed by his intense experience as a dancer, he compose selections tailored to the circumstances of each milonga to delight dancers. In each tanda, Stamatis seek a balance between tonus and softness.

Passionate by tangos of the ’30s to the ’50s, the creation of atmosphere and energy is his “must”.

He has organized many important international tango events such as 1st and 2nd Thessaloniki Tango Fest, Chalkidiki Tango Marathon as well as many other local events.

He has played at all local milongas in Thessaloniki and many other cities in Greece, international events, and festivals in Greece and abroad (Italy, Russia, Germany, Serbia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Turkey).

Vasil Adamov


He has been studying Argentine tango since 2004. In the period 2006-2008, he traveled to Buenos Aires, where he took an intensive part in the classes of the big names on the world tango scene.

As a dancer and teacher, Vasil knows and captures the mood of the dance floor.

His music is elegant, danceable, and rhythmic.

Mata Djoreva


She selects music as she paints - with emotion and passion!

Her tandas are colorful, melodic and danceable!

Mata will inspire you with beautiful music and a pinch of challenge.