Athens Tango Ensemble


„Athens Tango Ensemble” quintet performs musical masterpieces of the ‘Golden Age’ of Argentinian Tango (1935-1955) as well as compositions by Astor Piazzolla. “Athens Tango Ensemble” first performed in October 2016 and their music has since then been dearly embraced by the Greek audiences. The have performed in significant festivals and venues in Greece and abroad including ‘Athens Concert Hall’, ‘S.N.F.C.C.’ ‘Half Note Jazz Club’ and the Greek National Radio In October 2018 their first record was released by “General Music” under the title ‘Athens Tango Ensemble’ containing fifteen musical diamonds that originate from the classical era of Tango music (tango, walz and milonga). ‘Athens Tango Ensemble’ has been founded by Dimos Vougioukas and consists of the following soloists :

Dimos Vougioukas: bandoneon, arrangements Kyriakos Gouventas: violin Panagiotis Markos: piano Dimitris Koufogiorgos: guitar Kostas Arsenis: double bass

Charlie and Danie


SofiaTango is the first tango club in Bulgaria started by Chavdar Kroumov in the year 2000. Now, twenty years after, there are several schools in Sofia but also in Varna, Plovdiv, and Burgas – all started by SofiaTango and run by former students of Chavdar.

Chavdar, or “Charlie”, started with tango in 1995, while living abroad. After returning to his home country, he committed himself to teaching and performing tango professionally. During his numerous trips to Buenos Aires, he got to know tango celebrities such as Fabian Salas, Mauricio Castro, Alejandra Mantiñan, Norberto Esbrez “El Pulpo”, Cacho Dante, Pablo Nievas, Maxi Cristiani, Julio Balmaceda.

SofiaTango offers regular tango classes and milongas, as well as participates actively in the organization of tango concerts and events with authentic Argentinean dancers and musicians. The club enjoys the official support of the Argentinean embassy in Sofia.

Since 2003, a very active role in all SofiaTango activities has had Yordanka Ivancheva (Danie).

Her dance experience began with jazz-dance while she was a teenage girl. Later on, she studied ballroom dancing, salsa, and flamenco. In 2002, she discovered Argentinean tango and decided to dedicate herself exclusively to it. Danie has a degree in Mass Communication from the American University in Bulgaria and currently runs her own English-language school based on the suggestopedia method of teaching.

Chavdar and Danie have performed as partners on Bulgaria’s most prestigious stages – the National Palace of Culture, Bulgaria Concert Hall, Bulgarian State Opera – as well as internationally, including in Buenos Aires.

Apart from teaching in Sofia, Chavdar regularly gives classes in other Bulgarian cities and abroad, mostly in Vienna and Munich and occasionally also in Italy, France, and Switzerland.

Chavdar is a graduate of the National Sports Academy in Sofia and has specialized in Tourism and International Development.

Vasil Adamov


He has been learning argentinian tango since 2004. During the period 2006-2008 he traveled to Bs As where he participated intensively in the classes of the famous tango scene artists such as Miguel Zotto, Pablo Veron, Juan Carlos Gopes,Monica Parra, Dana Frigoli, Javier Rodrigez, Daniel Garsia “El Flaco”, Facundo de la Cruz, and many others.

Considering the tango as the most elegant social dance he developed his technique emphasizing on the posture , walk, fluidity and softness of the movements, the musicality , and the combination of figures as an elegant accent of the dance.

Vladislav Bastoon Petrov and Elena Djika


They are young, charismatic and talented! Their Tango is dynamic and has a very interesting interpretation of the music along with the strong connection between the partners.

In their lessons, they emphasize mostly on the deep understanding of movement mechanics and musical context all done in a fun and casual atmosphere.

Venci and Mata


We are Mata and Ventseslav Djorev. Throughout the last 10 years, our passion has been tango. We define ourselves as neither the perfect dancers, nor instructors, but define ourselves as Tango addicts. We will infect you with the passion, emotion, and beauty of the most improvising of the social dances - Tango. We will share our feeling of Argentinian tango from the heart and with a personal approach. For the last 5 years, we have spent a lot of our time and energy to form a large and stable tango community in Plovdiv. We have lessons a few times per week and at least two Milongas per month. Yearly we hold seminars and events with guest performers as well as organize visits for international tango festivals. In our lessons, we look for the most natural way of acquiring close-to-perfect movements and also pay strong attention to the biomechanics, partner connection, and last but not least musicality.

Marinella Vladi


At first there was the music... It was "love from the very first note", which continued to present days! Driven by his unstoppable passion Marinella Vlady has been dancing, teaching, organizing events and DJ-ing for eight years in a row…

She is a traditional tango DJ, with a taste for the Golden Age of Tango. The formation of her style is completely supported by her experience in events organization and most of all meeting and working with many popular tango DJs from Argentina and Europe. She developed incredible skills by observing the dancers and adapting the music to the energy of the dance floor.

Marinella Vlady is the founder and organizer of three annual international tango events in Bulgaria - Varna SUMMER Tango Marathon, Balkan TANGO Weekend and Bulgaria CLOSE EMBRACE Tango Marathon. She has been traveling around Europe for several years now to play music at different milongas, festivals, and marathons.

Dimitar Dimitrov


Music is part of his life. After thirteen years of work at the State Opera Burgas and his long-standing contact with the classical music, he decided to familiarize himself with the classical compositions in the Argentine Tango. At first, he discovered the music, then came the dance. He likes the styles of the Old Bands and the styles from the Golden Age of the Argentine Tango. He combines these styles with the compositions from the later periods. The thing that inspires him is the people dancing.

Mata Djoreva


She selects music as she paints - with emotion and passion! Her tandas are colorful, melodic and danceable! Mata will inspire you on Sunday with beautiful music and a pinch of challenge.